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Registration for the 2017 Narragansett RI Camp will be from May 13-19, 2017.  You can register online at www.surfershealing.org.  Registration will be open for approximately one week. The ONLY WAY for your child to have a chance to surf is to register.  Once registration closes, there will be a lottery.  Names are drawn at random.  You will be notified by email if you have secured a surf time for the RI Camp.  For those not chosen this year, there will be a wait list managed by Surfers Healing.  If there are any cancellations, they will notify you and give you a surf time.  Please note that we, here in RI, have no control over registration.  All registrations are handled by Surfers Healing in CA.  For more information on the sign-up process:http://www.surfershealing.org/blog/2016-camp-sign-up-process

Surf Day Information:

Plan to arrive at least 30-45 minutes before your surf time.  Sometimes the check-in line gets long. You will have to sign in, get a wristband for your child & produce your signed waiver. After check-in you can find your spot on the beach & settle in until your child's time is called.  Once your time is called, you will bring your child to the tent to have their life jacket put on and then they will meet their surfer.  Your child will be taken out to surf by a professional surfer trained to work with children on the autism spectrum.  You can expect your child to be out on the water for approximately 30 minutes (There is no actual time set for each child.  The surfer will determine the appropriate time for each camper).  

Some children can be fearful at first but rest assured they are in good hands.  If you question whether or not this activity is suitable for your child, we encourage you to do your homework BEFORE registering.  Go to the Surfers Healing web site. There are many testimonials & videos for you to see that can help you make a decision. We also encourage you to join us on the beach to see what Surfers Healing does for the children and their families.

We encourage all families to come early as there is a beautiful Prayer Circle at 9:00a.m. before the camp starts.  Many families arrive early & spend the whole day with us.

Can my child surf more than once?

This is a big "NO". ..

Some people see the surfers relaxing on the beach & want to ask if they'll take their child out again.  This is a safety issue so please do not ask. The surfers NEED to rest in between.  If they get tired or don't have a break, they risk the safety of everyone involved.

What to do if you have a surf time & your plans change:

If you receive a confirmation notice & you cannot make it, PLEASE let us know.  We have a wait list & can fill the spot.  You cannot just give your time to someone else.  If you do & they show up, they will not be allowed to surf.  ONLY registered children can surf.

What to bring:

Families should bring whatever they would normally bring to the beach; beach chairs, blanket, beach towels, sunscreen, sunglasses & hats, beach toys, etc.  We do have some wet suits that you may borrow but you might want to bring your own to be sure of sizing.  Surfers Healing RI provides lunch & beverages for the children & families so there is no need to bring food UNLESS you follow a particular diet (this includes vegan, gluten free, low-fat, or ANY other specific diet).  If you require a specific diet, you should bring your own food.  Our food tent usually serves hot dogs, pizza strips, cookies, chips and water and we cannot accommodate specific diets. 


Everyone wants to photograph their child surfing however we do have some specific rules.  You cannot go beyond the yellow caution tape.  This is for the safety of the children, the surfers & everyone on the beach.  We have secured a group of photographers that will be wearing yellow vests, they are the ONLY people allowed beyond the caution tape.  So yes, you can take as many photographs as you like but you must stay behind the tape.  The photographers will get spectacular shots of the kids surfing so for the most part, you can just enjoy watching your child without having to focus the camera and wait for the perfect shot.  Let the photographers do what they do best.  Photographs will be posted soon after camp.

Service dogs:

In the past, we have had a few parents ask about bringing service dogs. While we cannot request that you leave the dogs home, we would like to state the facts here: MOST children on the spectrum are fearful of dogs.  While we understand that it is important for your child to have his/her service dog, think about ALL the children who will be afraid of the dog.  We respectfully ask that you consider the needs of all children on the beach.

If you feel the need to bring a service dog anyway, please email Doreen at dknbullock@gmail.com BEFORE the camp so that we can make arrangements to have a secure place for all the children who might be afraid.  We want everyone to feel safe & happy!



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